23 June 2013

Question The Day #99: Survivor

Weekly Theme: Leaders

The actual number of assassination attempts against him is unknown. Not a single assassination plan is known to have come close to succeeding.CIA has made multiple assasination attempts among this to kill this leader. Some of these methods are depicted in a documentary tiltled "______ways to kill _____".Name the leader.

Answer: (Please highlight the text below)

Leader - Fidel Castro; Documentary: 638 Ways to kill Castro.


  1. Leader: Fidel Castro
    Documentary: 638 Ways to kill Castro

    -- Llewellyn

  2. Documentry : 638 Ways to Kill Castro
    Cuba's leader Fidel Castro.

  3. 638 ways to kill Fidel Castro..

    Leader is Fidel Castro.

  4. Llewellyn, Nikesh, Aashwij, Aditya and Indian get it right!