5 June 2013

Question Of The Day #88: The blessing in disguise!

Weekly Theme: Business Women

The women X was one of the first women entrepreneurs in the world making her fortunes by selling cosmetics. The business expanded, and she eventually opened stores in London , Paris and New York in early 20th century. She once sold her firm to Lehman Brothers in 1920 to save her marriage to buy it back for pennies in the era of Great Depression. Identify the woman X and the company founded by her.

Answer: (Please highlight the text below)

Helena Rubinstein & Helena Rubinstein Inc.


  1. X- Helena Rubinstein
    Company- Helena Rubinstein, Incorporated - one of world's first cosmetic company.

  2. person name is helena rubenstein ..company name is helena rubenstein co

  3. Helena Rubinstein and Helena Rubinstein Inc.

  4. Ananya, SK, Swastik and Bhairav get it right!