16 August 2014

Question of the day #259 US Grand Prix

Narain Karthikeyan achieved his first points in F1 in 2005 United States Grand Prix when only 6 cars out of 20 completed the race. All of them completed the parade lap but retired before start of the race.
What was the reason?


  1. Only the teams using Bridgestone tyres competed, and drivers with Michelin tyres pulled out into the pits after the parade lap.

  2. In 2005 rule was changed which forbade tyre changes during the race.It was the major cause of the teams using Michelin tyres, to retire before start of the race.

  3. Answer: Only 3 teams (6 cars) using Bridgestone tyres completed the race, whereas 7 other teams using Michelin tyres retired due to tyre safety issues.
    Congratulations to Vijay & Suman Saurabh for correct answer!