20 August 2014

Question of the day #263 Football

      X is one of the most successful European football club in 20th century. They won European Cup consecutively from 1971-72.  X is the only Dutch club with an IPO listed on the stock exchange, Y.  What are these ‘X’ and ‘Y’ I am talking about? What is the stock price of 'X' as of August 20th 2014?


  1. X: AFC Ajax or Ajax Amsterdam, Y: Euronext Amsterdam
    Stock Price of AFC Ajax as ofAugust 20th 2014 : 9.70 Euro

  2. AFC Ajax is the Football club. The name of the Stock Exchange is Euronext Amsterdam. The stock price as on Aug 20th is 9.7

  3. Congratulations to everyone!! It is the right answer.