2 May 2013

Question Of The Day #54: The Parody!

Weekly Theme: Print Media

The work X (pertaining to the magazine Y) given below in the picture is perhaps the most famous work of the person Z. Identify X, Y and Z, and put fundas about X.

Answer: (Please highlight the text below)

X - TIME...FORTUNE...LOVE...LUCE - Profile of TIME editor Henry Luce
Y - TIME Magazine
Z - Wolcott Gibbs

Funda: X was written in a parody of TIME's style of confusing, backward running sentences. 


  1. X - Photojournalism
    Y - Life Magazine
    Z - Henry Robinson Luce
    Life magazine brashly and splashily published photographs of statesmen in unguarded moments, soldiers fighting to the death, babies being born, policemen clubbing strikers and models in the almost- nude. There were gaudy layouts of surgical procedures and panoramas of nature. Later, there were essays and memoirs, heavily pictorialized, and editorials on what was called "the American Purpose."

  2. X : The Parody of TIME magazine
    Y : TIME Magazine
    Z: Wolcott Gibbs

  3. X-"Time... Fortune ... Life ... Luce" article on Profile of Henry Robinson Luce, editor of Time, Inc.

    Y- Time Magazine

    Z- Wolcott Gibbs

    Luce was a magazine publisher who launched and closely supervised a stable of magazines that transformed journalism and the reading habits of upscale Americans.