3 May 2013

Question Of The Day #55: Ex-Classified Information!

Weekly Theme: Print Media

X was a detailed account of the US DoD's involvement in Vietnam. When it was published as series by Y, it drew a lot of resistance from the then US president Z. It was later declassified in June 2011, and then released for public access. Identify X, Y and Z.

Answer: (Please highlight the text below)

X : Pentagon Papers
Y : The New York Times
Z: Richard Nixon


  1. The Pentagon Papers was the name given to a secret Department of Defense study of U.S. political and military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. Pentagon Papers secretly photocopied and in March 1971 given to The New York Times, which subsequently published a series of articles based on the report's findings. Federal government tried to block publication of the Pentagon Papers on grounds of national security.
    X - The Pentagon Papers, officially titled United States – Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense
    Y - The New York Times
    Z - Richard Milhous Nixon

  2. X : Pentagon Papers
    Y : The New York Times
    Z : John F. Kennedy

  3. Sathiyasundaram gets it right!