8 May 2013

Question Of The Day #60: The Unnecessary Fifth Guy!

Weekly Theme: Summer Olympics

Connect this list, to a specific historic event. Who's missing? Give full funda.

Answer: (Please highlight the text below)

The missing person is Stan Rowley, an Australian sprinter. The historic event is him becoming the only person to win medals with two different countries in the same olympics. In 1900 Paris Olympics, in the 5000 metres team race, The French officials insisted that although only four runners were to count in the scoring, teams must consist of five runners, each of whom must complete the race. With Alfred Tysoe, Charles Bennett, Jack Rimmer, and Sidney Robinson available, Britain's victory seemed assured if only they could find a fifth runner. And Stan Rowley was roped in as the fifth runner, and they went on to win the Gold Medal.


  1. Top to bottom
    1. Alfred Tysoe
    2. Charles Bennett
    3. Jack Rimmer
    4. Sidney Robinson
    5. Stan Rowley (Missing one)

    They were the Olympics Champion in men's 5000 meters team race in Athletics in 1900 Olympic Games.

  2. Charles Bennett, Alfred Tysoe, Sidney Robinson, Stan Rowley and John Rimmer won gold medal in 5000 m team race in 1900 olympics.

    Missing one is John Rimmer