18 November 2013

Question of the day #165 The Little Master VIII

•The person in the pic (left) X, pipped Tendulkar to be awarded Mumbai's
Junior Cricketer of the Year in 1986-87, which a famous letter from Gavaskar
to Sachin (referring to himself) which read: “Don’t be disappointed at not
getting the Best Junior Cricketer award from BCA. If you look at the past
award winners, you will find one name missing and that person has not done
badly in Test cricket!!”

•Identify the cricketer X.

17 November 2013

Question of the day #164 The Little Master VII

•What has been blanked out? Who are the creators of this brand?

Farewell Sachin Tendulkar Quiz - November 16, 2013

As a fitting tribute to the legend called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, on the day of his eventful swansong, the Quizzing Club of IIM Raipur organized a quiz dedicated to the Master Blaster. 

The answers for the Quiz are given below:

Farewell Sachin Tendulkar Quiz Answers - November 16, 2013 from Indian Institute of Management Raipur Quizzing Club

The following two teams ended up in a tie and thus, emerged as the winners. Congratulations to both the teams!

1. Sushant Singh and Smruti Prakash (PGP 2013-15)
2. Amrit Jain and Nitin Sonkar  (PGP 2013-15)

16 November 2013

Question of the day #163 The Little Master VI

•When Sachin Tendulkar scored a brilliant 119* to score his maiden test
century against England, to save the Manchester test in 1990 enroute to his
first ever man-of-the-match award, he couldn’t savour the moment.

•Eight years later, he went ahead and did what he couldn’t do at that

Question of the day #162 The Little Master V

The picture marked a historic occasion in the history of English County cricket,
when a 70-odd-year tradition was broken when Sachin Tendulkar became the
first cricketer to achieve a particular feat. What was the occasion, and who
was originally slated to achieve the feat?

13 November 2013

12 November 2013

Question of the day #159 The Little Master II

On a day of Christmas, Hrishikesh Kanitkar had to endure an eventful ODI debut as
the match between India and Sri Lanka, at Nehru Stadium, Indore found its place
dubiously in the record books as the first ever incident of its kind. A local lawyer even
demanded that the captains Arjuna Ranatunga & Sachin Tendulkar, and the match
referee Ahmed Ibrahim be arrested.  

What was the fuss all about?

10 November 2013

Our New LOGO

The Quizzing Club of IIM Raipur proudly presents its new Logo.

Question of the day #158 Blood Money

X is a movie
- Based on a true story
- In IMDB Top 250
- The director refused to be paid any salary for making the movie, nor did he autograph anything related to this movie
- This was his first R rated movie
- Won more than 5 Academy Awards
- Highest grossing Black and white film of all time (if not adjusted for inflation)

Identify X

9 November 2013

Question of the day #157 Stand up comedy!!

X is a TV Show :

- Aired in NBC
- Had 9 seasons
- Had 4 lead Characters
- one was a fictionalized version of one of the creators
- Considered widely as one of the greatest TV Shows ever
- The series ended with all the 4 main characters ending up in Jail.....

Identify X

3 November 2013

Question of the day #152 Ezekiel 25:17

X: 'The Academy should just walk up to Y's door, knock on it and put the Oscar in Y's hand!'

Identify X and Y

25 October 2013

Question of the day #150 Something Fishy

     When X was born he was swapped by mistake with a fisherman's baby. X's uncle luckily spotted a mark and identified the swap. X says "I would have become a fisherman if not for my uncle.....I am still amused by possibilities of fishing in Mahim... ". 

      Identify X.

23 October 2013

Question of the day #148 Out!!

  Complete the list : 

Russel Endean 
Andrew Hilditch 
Mohsin Khan
Desmond Haynes
Graham Gooch
Steve Waugh

What is the list about?

22 October 2013

Question of the day #147 Banned from Cricket!

1.     X was the reason for something bad in the cricketing fraternity but also something great for mankind. His inclusion led to an uproar which ended many great player's career. Identify X and What was this particular incident he was associated with ?

21 October 2013

Question of the day #146 Steyney

        On what incident did Dale Steyn tweet this?

Question of the day #145 75 years!

Which cricketing trophy, for test matches between two specific countries, was instituted in 2007 and named after a person who played for both the countries?

16 October 2013

Question of the day #141 Patriarchy!?

Identify the Indian state which has never elected any women in state legislature. 
Only two women candidates contested elections in 2013 and four in 2008 elections respectively from this state.

15 October 2013

Question of the day #140 Swastik

X is a member of the Nationalist Congress Party.
X has served in the state assembly as Forest &Environment minister and cooperation minister.
X shares his name with one of the most hated dictators of 20th century.

Identify X. 

14 October 2013

Question of the day #139 Party!!

Name three leaders who formed a political party on 25 May, 1999 after they were expelled from INC for disputing Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin to lead INC.