18 May 2014

Question of the day #253 Cleanest & Poorest CM

X commonly known as “cleanest & poorest chief minister in India”, is Chief Minister of his state since 1998. X is now serving his fourth term in office. He reportedly gets 9200 INR as salary which he donates to his party and in return gets 5000 INR subsistence allowance from the party.
Identify X.

17 May 2014

Question of the day #252 Finance

X served as Union Minister of Finance for the first time in H.D. Deve Gowda's Government in 1996 as a member of Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC). He left TMC in 2001 and formed his own party - Congress Jananayaka Peravai which he later merged with Indian National Congress before 2004 Parliamentary Elections.
Identify X.

16 May 2014

Question of the day #251 Disinvestment

X was born in Jalandhar on November 2nd, 1941. A journalist, author, politician, X has been associated with World Bank, Planning Commission, Indian Express, Times of India etc. X served as Union minister of Disinvestment in Vajpayee's government which saw disinvestment in many firms by the GOI.
Identify X.

15 May 2014

Question of the day #250 President

X served as president of Indian National Congress during H.D. Deve Gowda & I.K. Gujral's regime. He represented Katihar Lok Sabha constituency on Janata Party ticket & later represented Bihar in Rajya Sabha for five terms.
Identify X.

14 May 2014

Question of the day #249 Swaraj

X's book, Swaraj, was published in 2012. He claims that it is a practical enunciation to decentralization, empowering people. X born in Haryana on 16 August 1968, is an Indian politician and social activist.

Identify X.

11 May 2014

Question of the day #248 Grey

X is an Indian startup founded by BITS alumni which builds robots that help online retailers automate their warehouses. It has raised funding from investment firm Tiger Global.
Identify X.

10 May 2014

Question of the day #247 Mob

X is a Bangalore based startup which raised $75000 in seed funding followed by $400,000 & $2 million in series of funding from Accel partners, Mumbai Angels, Cisco etc. Media houses like The Hindu & Times Internet are its customers.
Identify X.

Question of the day #246 Hostel

X is a backpacker hostel chain started by IIT, IIM & MDI alumni. A hostel for travelers at budget of 500 INR a day, X is currently operational in Jaipur & Jodhpur. It recently raised 500 crore INR from angel investors.

Identify X.

8 May 2014

Question of the day #245 Omi

X is a notable success story of dot com bubble. Started in 1995, it has become a multibillion dollar organization. Its first sold item was a broken laser printer. X was a simply a side hobby of its founder until he was informed by his internet service provider that he would need to upgrade to a business account due to the high volume of traffic to his website.
Identify X.

7 May 2014

Question of the day #244 Supermarket

X started as an online grocery retail store in May 2012. It has raised an undisclosed amount in Series A funding from real estate developer Karmvir Avant Group in Jan 2014. The company competes with the likes of another Mumbai-based e-grocery retailer EkStop Shop. One of its Founders is an IIM Lucknow alumnus.
Identify X.

6 May 2014

Question of the day #243 Energy

X is an Indian Startup which has been funded by a venture capital fund which is run by Narayana Murthy. Its product Y competes with an Australian energy drink brand. One of its founders is associated with a premier B school from Gurgaon and has worked at Coca Cola.

Identify X and Y.

5 May 2014

Question of the day #242 OS

X was a startup that has been acquired by a tech giant. Its CEO was an Apple Executive who worked closely with the co-founder of the world’s largest ad agency to create X.

Identify X.

4 May 2014

Question of the day #241 IPL

He has the best bowling figures to his name in any IPL season till date. He took 6 wickets for 14 runs in a match. Who is he?

3 May 2014

Question of the day #240 IPL

He has the record of scoring most number of  ducks as a captain in an IPL season. Who is he and how many ducks has he scored?

1 May 2014

Question of the day #238 IPL

This man has been associated with 3 teams in his career of IPL from 2008-2014, currently in Rajasthan Royals. He is an Australian cricketer. He was hit on his helmet with a bouncer from Mitchell Johnson in a match against Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2014. He is associated with a special performance in IPL.
Which performance are we referring to?