31 August 2014

29 August 2014

Question of the day #271 CM

Name the chief minister Who Started his career as a recorder in the office of the inspector of Schools then worked in state Co-operative Apex Bank as a Dealing Assistant.  

28 August 2014

Question of the day #270 PM

All the figures are arranged from top to bottom in a logical way. find the missing person (second from the top).

27 August 2014

26 August 2014

Question of the day #268 CPI

The first session of X was held at bombay under Lala Lajpat Roy and thus marking the beginning of the X.Today X has over 30 Lakh members and is politically affiliated with the CPI.

What is X ?

25 August 2014

Question of the day #267 Nizam

A legendary Indian Photographer clicked this Rare 19th century Picture. In this picture King of Hyderabad Nizam X and his party pose with tiger skins. 
Identify X.

23 August 2014

Question of the day #266 Sports

Cricket- Sri Lanka
Hockey- Netherlands
Basketball- Argentina
Volleyball- Germany
Rugby- New Zealand
Football- 'X'
What is 'X' and what is the relation between Football and 'X'?

22 August 2014

Question of the day #265 Rugby

1.       Name the professional English rugby club which contains the name of a famous character from Indian Mythology. This club took 6 years to win its first Yorkshire Challenge Club after its inception.

21 August 2014

Question of the day #264 Sports

1.       X is the youngest and one of the few players who have one all the four major professional championships in his game and he being the only player to do it in a row. He is the only player in his sport to have won U.S. Amateur for three consecutive years. He along with two other athletes, very successful in their sport have endorsed for one of the famous brand of P&G. Who is this ‘X’ I am talking about?

20 August 2014

Question of the day #263 Football

      X is one of the most successful European football club in 20th century. They won European Cup consecutively from 1971-72.  X is the only Dutch club with an IPO listed on the stock exchange, Y.  What are these ‘X’ and ‘Y’ I am talking about? What is the stock price of 'X' as of August 20th 2014?

19 August 2014

Question of the day #262 Cricket

      X is the only cricketer under whose captaincy West Indies has never lost any test series. X had played for West Indies in 4 world Cups. He also appeared in a world cup for a sport other than cricket playing for team Y in year Z, which also happens to be his test debut year. Identify X, Y and Z?

18 August 2014

Question of the day #261 Olympics

On this day (18th august) in the history of Olympics, a nation was banned from Summer games and did not participate in the next 7 Olympic games. This nation has won 3 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze in 2012 Olympics. 
Which nation am I talking about and what was the reason?

17 August 2014

Question of the day #260 Auto Brand

X started as a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and other electronic instruments,  It is now a successful auto brand. Identify X.

16 August 2014

Question of the day #259 US Grand Prix

Narain Karthikeyan achieved his first points in F1 in 2005 United States Grand Prix when only 6 cars out of 20 completed the race. All of them completed the parade lap but retired before start of the race.
What was the reason?

Independence Day Quiz - August 15, 2014

Independence Day Quiz was organized by Quizzing club of IIM Raipur on the occasion of 68th Independence Day on 15th August, 2014. Quiz was based on theme: ‘India’, covering different fields like Politics, Business, Sports and Science and Technology with 25 questions. Event saw huge participation from students & staff of IIM Raipur.

Kumar Prashant and Navodaya Chourasia (PGP 1st year).

Runners Up:
Abhishek Mukherjee and Arpit Bajpai (PGP 2nd year).

Quiz Answers:

15 August 2014

Question of the day #258 Automaker Brand

The brand logo has a winged arrow , which stands for Speed. Green colour in its logo stands for environment friendliness.It started as a X company in wayback 1890 but now it is a famous auto brand.

Identify X.

14 August 2014

Question of the day #257 Automaker Brand

X started as the brainchild of Hitler and Ferdinand Porche. Producing an affordable car for common man was the idea behind this. One of its model became the world’s first best selling car. Identify X.

13 August 2014

Question of the day #256 Automaker Brand

X is a popular German auto brand, which is famous for its luxury segments. Its brand name is the Latin version of the word Horch (Founder’s name). It means “to listen”. 
Identify X?

12 August 2014

Question of the day #255 Automaker Brand

X is an automobile company which started as a textile company. It designed the logo which embodies the thread going to the eyes of a needle. X’s logo also contains all the six letters of the company name hidden inside.
Identify X.

11 August 2014

Question of the day #254 Automaker LOGO

It’s the logo of a famous Swedish automobile maker. It contains a mythical bird’s head  from the coat of arms of the company’s founder Count Von Skane and the Swedish province of Skane where the company was formed.
Identify the Bird?