30 April 2014

Question of the day #237 IPL

This man scored 48 runs in 17 balls to help his team reach the target in mere 5.3 overs. This is accounted as the largest victory with respect to balls left. Who is the man we are referring to?

29 April 2014

Question of the day #236 IPL

Zee group's head Subash Goel, started the rebel cricket league. Kapil Dev was then made the head of this league. IPL was started by the Indian Cricket board in response to this league.
Name the league and the cause for its start.

28 April 2014

Question of the day #235 IPL

Fidel Edwards and Ashish Nehra are credited with a unique performance in IPL edition in South Africa.What was it?

27 April 2014

Question of the day #234 Devotion, Sacrifice

During Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, X was the supreme commander of Kauravas for maximum number of days. X had vowed not to kill any of the Pandavas due to extreme love for them. X was later killed by Arjun in Kururkshetra when Shikhandi accompanied Arjun on his chariot. X didn’t fight Shikhandi recognizing him as Amba reborn, who had taken a vow in previous life to avenge against X when X refused to marry her.

Identify X.

26 April 2014

Question of the day #233 Death

According to Veda, X is the first mortal to have died. X was killed by Shiva when he tried to interfere with Markandeya’s prayer for Shiva. X was later given life by Shiva on request of the Earth, the Gods & Markandeya.
A one of a kind temple dedicated to X exists at Srivanchiyam.
Identify X.

25 April 2014

Question of the day #232 Rain and Thunderstorms

X is a seven-headed flying horse, snow white in colour, considered the best of horses that was obtained during the churning of the milk ocean. X is vahana of the god-king of heaven.

Identify X.

24 April 2014

Question of the day #231 Mastermind

X is believed to be the mastermind behind Mahabharata Kurukshetra war. X was killed by Sahadeva on the seventeenth day of the Kurukshetra war, who had taken an oath to avenge Draupadi's insult. There is an ancient temple dedicated to X at Pavithreswaram.

Identify X.

23 April 2014

Question of the day #230 Chiranjivi

In Mahabharata, rumour about death of X in Kurukshetra lead to death of his father at the hands of Dhrishtadyumna. X later killed Draupadi's five sons, the Upapandavas, while they were sleeping, believing them to be the five Pandava brothers.

Identify X.

22 April 2014

Question of the day #229 Makara

In Ramayana, after burning Lanka, Hanuman extinguished his burning tail in the ocean. A drop of his perspiration fell in to mouth of a mighty fish of which X was born. Hanuman had to fight X to enter Patala to rescue Rama & Lakshamana from Ahiravana.

Identify X.

21 April 2014

Question of the day #228 Sharada

X in Hindu mythology, referred as Benzaiten, Sharada, Chaduvula Thalli, Sharadamba, Varadhanayagi in different languages, is the goddess of everything that flows.

Identify X.

20 April 2014

Question of the day #227 Vigors and the False Shepherd

X was a video game which featured a young girl Y and a middle aged protagonist Z. It is a first person shooter launched in 2013 and is considered a marvel for its story based game play. The story is based on an imaginary city floating above the clouds. The game won 85 awards even before it released and won many accolades and Game of the year awards post launch.

Identify X,Y and Z 

Question of the day #226 Birdie..

X is a 2013 mobile game, published by GEARS Studios based in Vietnam. Though it was launched in May 2013, it became popular in early 2014. It has been heavily criticized for its difficulty and plagiarism from the Mario game series. The publisher removed it from android shop because he felt guilt over the fact that the game was really addictive. 

Identify X

18 April 2014

Question of the day #225Hominoidea

X was a video game released by Nintendo in 1981. It focusses on a character (who has since been renamed Y, considered the most famous video game character ever) who tries to save a princess from a Giant Ape.

Identify X and Y 

17 April 2014

Question of the day #224 Sine?

In 1958, physicist X invented an interactive game which was played on an Y. This has been considered the first official "Video Game". 

Identify X and Y.

16 April 2014

Question of the day #223 Into The Future

X was born on April 11, 2154, is a graduate of the Systems Alliance N7 special forces program (service no. 5923-AC-2826), and is initially assigned to the SSV Normandy as Executive Officer. X later becomes the first human to join the Spectres, an elite special task force for the Citadel Council.

Identify X and the video game related to X.

14 April 2014

13 April 2014

Question of the day #220 First Voter

Shyam Negi is Independent India’s first voter. Recently he has been featured in a Google Ad. Which was the country’s first polling station for the first general election where he had casted his vote?

12 April 2014

Question of the day #219 SMS

In January 2013, the Election Commission of India announced that it would be using an SMS based alert system called X during the election. The system, aimed at sending messages to the lakhs of government officials on election duty, was successfully deployed in the provincial assembly elections in Goa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur in early 2012 and in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat in late 2012.
Name X.

11 April 2014

Question of the day #218 Emergency

In the history of independent India, there were three periods during which a state of emergency was deemed to have existed. It has been proclaimed three times so far-1962, 1971 and 1975.
A National emergency on the grounds of security threat is proclaimed under which article?

10 April 2014

Question of the day #217 NOTA

None of the above (NOTA) option is made available for electors invalidating rule X. According to rule X, the elector had to inform the authority that he does not wish to vote any candidate. This violated the principle of secrecy. This was the rationale behind introducing NOTA.
What was X called?

9 April 2014

Question of the day #216 Nominate

The President of India can nominate X members in Lok Sabha and Y members in Rajya Sabha.
Find X & Y.

8 April 2014

Question of the day #215

Through which amendment of the Constitution, the territories of Goa, Daman & Diu were incorporated in the Indian Constitution?

7 April 2014

Question of the day #214 Republican

Which political party of India has an election symbol almost close to the election symbol of Republican Party of USA?

6 April 2014

Question of the day #213

He writes books in the genres of  Magic realism, Satire and Post colonialism. His fourth novel, was the centre of a major controversy, provoking protests from Muslims in several countries. In 2012, he published Joseph Anton: A Memoir, an account of his life. Who is he?

5 April 2014

Question of the day #212DavidLean

A 1984 drama film, received eleven nominations at the Academy Awards, is based on the 1924 novel of the same title by E. M. Forster. The novel was selected as one of the 100 great works of English literature by the Modern Library and won the 1924 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction.

Name the novel.

4 April 2014

Question of the day #211Talkhiyan

Published in 1997, this novel  brought Arundhati Roy to worldwide critical and popular acclaim. The novel pays particular attention to what the narrator calls the "Love Laws". The novel also pays attention to class politics. It has won the Booker award in 1997.

Name the novel.