28 February 2015

Question of the day #380, Agriculture

Forward Markets Commission has recently curbed the excessive speculation in castor futures.This has brought much relief to companies like Adani Wilmar, because now they will be able to procure sufficient stocks. What is the commercial use of castor seed that makes it so dear?

27 February 2015

Question of the day #379, Agriculture

Green Revolution in India began in the 1960s, through the introduction of high-yield crop varieties and application of modern agricultural techniques, and led to an increase in food production in India. It began by American agronomist Dr. Norman Borlaug, who is known as "the Father of the Green Revolution". India's program of Green Revolution was led by Dr. Dilbagh S. Athwal at Punjab Agriculture University. 
Green Revolution in India has so far been the most successful in the case of which crop?

26 February 2015

Question of the day #378, Agriculture

Plantation crops constitute a large group of crops refers to monoculture crops. The major plantation crops include coconut, arecanut, oil palm, cashew, tea, coffee and rubber,etc.

Food crops are plants that are grown to be harvested and eaten by humans or animals. The vast majority of store-bought fruits, vegetables and grain-based started in this category

Cash crop is an agricultural crop  which is grown for sale to return a profit.

Seed oil is a vegetable oil that is obtained from seed (endosperm) plant like sunflower oil, canola oil, and sesame oil.

The major agriculture land in India is under which crops?

25 February 2015

Question of the day #377, Agriculture

X= Coarse grade, 
Y= Apparel Grade,
Z= Carpet Grade and
U= Export Grade 

Maximum wool produced in India is of which among X,Y,Z,U ?

24 February 2015

23 February 2015

Question of the day #375, Agriculture


Banana  ----        Trichy
Litchi      -------     Muzaffarpur
Grapes   -------     Pune

Pomegranate ------- ?

14 February 2015

Question of the day #366, Advertisement

"A bunch of boys in a cafeteria at a private school. The oatmeal is grossing everyone out so all the boys start banging their forks on the table and chanting "Delivery, Delivery, Delivery!" A boy picks up the phone and says "Hello, 'X'?"

The above is an advertisement for X.
Identify X.

Question of the day #365, Advertisement

"A business man is on his way to work and he sits down on a white bench. He then realizes that the bench was just painted, and he got white paint all over his black suit. He pops "X" into his mouth and then proceeds to roll all over the wet bench to make the white stripes on his suit even. Then he just gets up like nothing happened, and goes to work."

The above is description of an advertisement.
Identify the brand.

8 February 2015

Question of the day #362, History

I am a retired American sportsman. I n the 1990s, I was crowned as "Sportsman of the Century".  I refused to serve the US army during the Vietnam war as war is against the teachings of Holy Koran. I have been married 4 times. In my  autobiography, I would have stated that I threw my Olympic gold medal into the Ohio River after being refused service at a ‘whites-only’ restaurant.

Who am I?

7 February 2015

Question of the day #361, History

I am from Soviet Union. I belong to Canis Lupus family. I died in 1957. I do have a monument in remembrance of me in Moscow. Identify who am I?

4 February 2015

3 February 2015

X-Quiz-It'15 successfully conducted on February 1, 2015

Quizzing Club of IIM Raipur successfully conducted X-Quiz-It'15 as part of Equinox 5.0, the annual management cum cultural fest of IIM Raipur on February 1, 2015. We witnessed tremendous response from the student & corporates community. The Quizmaster was Abhishek Reddy, PGP (2013-15) student at IIM Raipur.

The 8 teams which made it to the finals were:

Mr. Nivesh & Mr. Umesh- SAIL (Bhilai Steel Plant)
Deepak Dash & Rohit Kishore- IIM Raipur
Mukund Choudhary & Mihir Bani- KPS, Raipur
Siva & Pulkit- KJSIMSR, Mumbai
Mr. Manoj Prasad & Mr. Sanjay Sham Kumar- SAIL (Bhilai Steel Plant)
Dushyant Panda & Smruti Prakash- IIM Raipur
Mr. Dilip & Mr.Vikram- JSPL
Mr. Mohit Lulla & Mr. Dheeraj- Varun Furnicrafts

Quiz had a nail biting finish with team of Mr. Manoj & Mr. Sanjay (SAIL) emerging winners, taking lead from Dushyant & Smruti (IIM Raipur) in the final buzzer round taking advantage of double scoring.

X-Quiz-It'15 - Prelims

X-Quiz-It'15 -Wildcard

X-Quiz-It'15 -Finals

For Pictures, Click Here