24 May 2015

Question of the Day #465

This movement was started in 1980 by the Indian Nobel lauereate. This movement is aimed at ending Bonded labor,child labor and human trafficking.It also demand the right to education for all children.
Identify this organization?

22 May 2015

Question of the Day #463

The India Client Council is a forum where some of India's leading marketers can listen, inspire and share ideas about the future of marketing.

Identify the company which has launched this council?

21 May 2015

20 May 2015

Question of the Day #461

Within six months of raising a $90 million round, Company X announced a $60 million fresh funding round led by Tiger Global Management along with existing investors Kinnevik, Matrix Partners India, Nokia Growth Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Omidyar Network, Warburg Pincus and eBay Inc.
X competes with Argentina-based firm Y.
This year the company had launched a new campaign around the concept of Maximum Selling Price (MSP).
Identify X and Y?

19 May 2015

Question of the Day #460

An online customer of E-Commerce website X ordered a product Y. Instead of Y he was sent Z. The manufacturer of Z wrote this letter to the customer and gifted him Y as a goodwill gesture.

It also sent a note saying “The pictures you posted online show that our brand was used in this incident. Z is one of our iconic brands with some great consumer franchise. We felt bad about it, not to mention what you went through. Here is a small gesture from our side to cheer you up.”

Identify  X, Y and Z?

18 May 2015

Question of the Day #459

Company X is latest to do so with the amusing picture below, advertising a product called Y, which is basically a giant, human-sized, Coke-red dog collar. This gizmo will possibly stop/cure your Social-Media Addiction .
Identify X and Y?

17 May 2015

Question of the Day #458

Connect following 

15 May 2015

Question of the Day#456

X made its first acquisition by buying free voice-calling company Y.X,which is so called over the top (OTT) service, is backed by Bharti Softbank,a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise and Japans’s SoftbankCorp.X has more than 35 million user and has raised $86 million from Toger Global and Bharti Softbank.
Identify X and Y?

14 May 2015

Question of the Day#455

As the fourth-largest agency network in the world, X is one of the key subsidiaries of the WPP Group. The company was founded by William James Carlton in 1864. Carlton's company was renamed by Mr.X after whom the company was named. It was acquired by WPP Group in 1987.
 In 2005, the agency was rebranded by shortening X to Y. In 2014, the agency celebrated its 150th anniversary and returned to its full name X.
Identify X and  Y ?

13 May 2015

Question of the Day#454

X is the Indian subsidiary of Clues Network Inc.,a US Corporation and commenced operations in November 2011 as pioneers of the ‘managed marketplace’ concept.
The company X was founded in the Silicon Valley, USA in the year 2011 by an alumnus of Washington University and renowned Wall Street internet analyst.
 As per the citation, X joined as 35th entrant in the Indian e-commerce in 2011 and is reported to have made its way to the list of the top 6 e-commerce destinations in the country
Identify X?

12 May 2015

Question of the day#453

The English daily from group X sparks a city war with its new campaign on road safety
The campaign says …….
“ Driving the wrong way. Driving without helmets. Driving without license. Jumping lanes. Jumping signals. Jumping dividers. Parking where there is no parking. Double parking. Triple parking. Overtaking from the wrong side. Honking. Honking like a maniac. Honking just because there is traffic. Swearing to yourself. Swearing out loudly. Swearing out loudly around family. Rolling down window to swear. Shouting matches. Shaking one’s fist. Fistfights. On repeat. Every single day. And on every single road. When did Mumbai become Delhi? ”
Identify  X and in which daily this campaign appeared ?

11 May 2015

Question of the day#452

X has blocked British-made Y chocolate from entering the US. The chocolate company struck up a deal with Let's Buy British Imports to stop imports of Y products made overseas.
The company will also stop importing British Kit Kat bars, Toffee Crisps, and Yorkie chocolate bars.
Fans of chocolate manufactured in Britain say it tastes better than the American-made version of same company’s chocolate.
Identify X and Y?

10 May 2015

Question of the day #451, IPL

     Which Indian IPL captain is a co-owner of Indian Super league team representing the same state as IPL?

8 May 2015

Question of the day #449, IPL

  The India cements Limited transferred the IPL team CSK franchise to its new Subsidiary.

What is the name of new subsidiary?

7 May 2015

6 May 2015

Question of the day #447, IPL

    Which player won the Volkswagen Power Performance Award in IPL session 5 ,2012?

4 May 2015

Question of the day #445, IPL

   Who holds the purple cap for the most number of wickets in IPLT20 (Indian Premier League) 2013?

3 May 2015

2 May 2015

1 May 2015

Question of the day #442, Taglines

Identify the organization with the tagline-"Much More To Do, With YOU In Focus".